Old Mother Hubbard Puppy Training Treats Bundled with Treat Ball by Bitz

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Product Description Old Mother Hubbard Bitz Crunchy Classic Natural Dog Training Treats are wholesome, crunchy, all natural dog treats oven-baked to preserve the natural flavors in all the varieties dogs love to catch, chew and eat and featuring all natural ingredients and assorted natural flavors including chicken, liver and vegetables. Dog biscuits, treats and snacks are a great addition to a healthy diet. Snack time is a mutually rewarding show of love and positive reinforcement with your dog. You can feel good about training and rewarding your dog with these Old Mother Hubbard natural dog treats. dog training treats, dog treat, dog biscuits, training treats, dog treats, old mother hubbard, old mother hubbard dog biscuits, mother hubbard dog treats, natural dog treats, dog snacks, healthy dog treats, pet treats, dog cookies, all natural dog treats, natural dog biscuits, dog biscuit, small dog treats, dog treats for small dogs, liver treats, liver treats for dogs, chicken treats, chicken treats for dogs, puppy treats, puppy training treats, dog treats for puppies, puppy biscuits, Popular mixed and purebred breeds

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